5 mistakes in painting and other tips

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5 mistakes in painting and other tips

We all undoubtedly have our preferences for the colors that will decorate the walls of our home. Montclair Painting has trustworthy workers and is managing for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services. Here there are 5 mistakes in painting and other tips. Some are attracted by the warm and intense shades that emphasize their energy and vitality and others are eagerly seeking the relaxation and sobriety offered by the colder and more neutral colors.

Of course, there are rules as long as they do not prevent us from putting our own touches in our own space. Thus, we will limit ourselves to the most common mistakes that can be made in the color feast that the variety of pigments offers us and how to avoid them.

1. We do not take into account the decoration of the space when choosing colors in Montclair Painting

We usually start decorating our space with the color of the wall. However, it is better to organize our space and be inspired by a fabric, a pillow, an armchair with a special pattern to find out which color will support all this in the best way.

2. We are limited only to the classic options

Although we like vivid colors, we are afraid to try them on the walls of our house, considering them flashy and inappropriate. The question, however, is what exactly we want to focus our attention on. If we want to experiment with a fashionable happy color, let’s accompany it with neutral and white tones in the surrounding area so as not to turn the room into a battlefield.

3. Paint all the rooms the same color

Trying to see our home as a harmonious whole, we often give up our dream of playing with different colors from one room to another because we believe that color contrasts will disrupt the whole. Is it time to think of other materials in our decoration that can give our mark and preserve our wholeness without giving up our dreams? Look for the most.

4. We believe that our favorite color is the ideal choice

The fact that we like a color does not necessarily mean that it matches the specific space we want to paint and our mental needs. Let’s learn more about the secrets of colors and painting a house. If we ask for peace and quiet, blue and green are our best friends. If we still need emotions, let us dare the yellow and the orange appetizers. Color is one of the surest ways to heal our spirit from the worries that overwhelm us.

5. In the choice of colors we blindly follow the orders of fashion

Fashion has its way of imposing itself on us and following it. But when we get tired of the prevailing trends, there are always opportunities for something different, something new, a color that will change our horizons and give us other perspectives. Think like a painter, paint your house painting and paint it!

What to look for when choosing colors?

Prefer bright colors for small surfaces and soft for large ones. You should avoid dark colors in small rooms. Also, select a color scheme from the same page in the color chart. Be careful to avoid color combinations with 3 shades or more in the same space.

What are the ideal colors for bedroom painting?

Choose cool shades, such as shades of blue, for relaxation and calm. Red and pink are ideal colors for romantic decoration. Also, pastel colors are suitable for children’s rooms. The white color is not recommended, except for painting the ceiling.

What are the most useful tips for living room painting?

Prefer light colors for painting a small living room. Earth colors can offer calm and relaxation. An intense two-tone can offer you a very modern result. White is a timeless choice, especially if you want the space of your living room to look bigger. Do not neglect the proper preparation for wall painting.

How long does the oil painting process take?

Calculate that for each room you definitely need a passage with a primer and at least two passages with paint. After each pass, it takes 2-3 hours for each layer of material to dry. Therefore, a room can be completed in about 9 hours.

This calculation applies to Montclair painting in summer, where the temperature and conditions for painting are ideal.

What are the types of colors?

Plastic paints

They are used primarily in painting the interior of the house. Their characteristics are the intense coverage and the good spread of the color.

Acrylic colours

They are mainly used in the exterior Montclair painting of the house as they have great resistance to severe weather conditions and air pollutants.


It is an opaque material that is applied as a substrate to surfaces that are ready for painting. This is the most important stage before wall painting as it offers insulating properties and ensures an excellent final painting result, lasting over time.


It is the substrate used for paint varnishes on wooden surfaces, before painting. Its characteristics are the intense coverage and the good application. Velatures with materials such a lead and chromic components, it is good to avoid them.


Ripoline is a category of paints used to paint wooden and metal surfaces. Classic ripples are recommended for wooden surfaces indoors, while water ripples, which are even more ecological, can be applied to wood outdoors.

Color solvents

Each type of paint has specific requirements for a solvent, which are listed on the package. Pay special attention to using the right solvent that is compatible with your color for an ideal result.

The main reasons that a professional painter is necessary are:


Experiments can lead to an unsightly result and the wall may need extra painting or painting from scratch.


Montclair professional oil painters have many years of experience and implement modern techniques and methods.


It is obvious that a professional painting lasts longer than an amateur one, as our professional knows and chooses the appropriate materials.


You save time because you avoid montclair painting failures and imperfections. Professional oil painters know everything about every new painting technique in various areas.

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