Activities to do in Santorini 2020


Activities to do in Santorini 2020

Activities to do in Santorini 2020

If you have decided to visit the beautiful island of Santorini Santorini car rental this summer you should fill your days with activities. The romantic island of Santorini has many different entertainment options and we are sure you will not get bored while staying there. We have prepared a list of activities to in Santorini 2020 and we will present them to you  below.

Santorini is the ideal destination for couples and friends but not so much for families with young children. This is mainly due to the morphology of the island with its steep slopes and cliffs. Also many beaches have stones and pebbles which makes them unsuitable for young children as they can easily hurt themselves.

Beaches in Santorini

The beaches of Santorini are special and are one of the many reasons that make the island unique in the world. You can visit a great number of beaches such as Black beach(Mavri Paralia), Kamari, Perissa, Red and White Beaches (Kokkini and Aspri Paralia). There are also many other beaches that are less known such as Ammoudi, Armeni, Vlychada, Vourvoulou and Baxedes where you can enjoy your day peacefully.

Most beaches of the island are not suitable for children as they do not have fine sand but rocks and large stones. The beaches that are family friendly are Kamari which is located close to the airport, Baxedes with the impressive black volcanic sand and Monolithos with shallow waters and little traffic.

Where to eat and drink in Santorini

Santorini fava is a legume where you can enjoy it with the classic version but also special specialties even as a fillet filling. The famous Santorini tomato due to the fact that it is grown in arid soil is an excellent product of the region. You can enjoy in many taverns tomato meatballs, spaghetti with Santorini paste and a local sweet tomato in a jar!

Atherin pie is also a pleasant dish, the combination of atherina, onion mixed with flour. Finally, you should try the famous wines of Santorini from 300 year old vineyards, in combination with the microclimate of the area Assyrtiko white and the sweet Vinsanto.

Apart from wines, Santorini also produces local beers in various varieties. In the brewery of the island you will find weiss beers, blonde, red and black. The name of the beer is inspired by the donkeys of the island that were used to transfer things from the port to the rest of the island as cars are not able to access many regions.

On the island you will find a huge range of restaurants and taverns with traditional food of Greece and Santorini. In Oia you will find more gourmet restaurants with European dishes and refined flavors. It is the right place to feel the luxury and enjoy your vacation!

Horseback riding at the beach

If you are visiting Santorini with your other half and you want to enjoy a romantic vacation, we would suggest you to book a horse riding package on the beach. At Eros beach in Santorini you can ride for an entire hour, admiring the sunset and the nature of the beach with your loved ones.

It is a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime. You will spend a romantic time with your loved one and offer him moments of love. Do not forget that many couples visit Santorini for their honeymoon, so take advantage of your stay!

Tour of the island

Another activity worth doing if you will stay several days on the island is the tour of the island by boat. Many boats start in the morning and take you around Santorini, the volcano or take you to beaches where access is not possible by car or on foot.

If you can afford it, we would suggest renting a sailboat or choosing a private tour of the island with your family and friends. So you will have at your disposal for a whole day (or a few hours depending on the package you choose) a ship and you will be able to stop at beautiful beaches and swim in the clear blue waters.

Cultural and musical nights

An artistic night on the beautiful island of Santorini is all you need when you book your vacation there! You can visit the summer open cinema and enjoy a movie under the summer sky which is full of stars. You have the option to dine in the cinema too and enjoy your drinks while the movie is shown.

Alternatively you can watch live music in various taverns and restaurants of the island that perform not only Greek but also European nights. Also, the Municipality arranges music and theater evenings for tourists where you can watch ancient Greek tragedies or comedies depending on the program of the municipality for free.

WWe hope that our article on Santorini and the activities on the island was useful. May you enjoy your vacation in Santorini!

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