How to manage clogged kitchen and bathroom drains?


How to manage clogged kitchen and bathroom drains?

There are some points in the sewer system that often face weaknesses. A clogged sink holds the scepter as the most systematic drainage problem, says Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. You in this case want to know if you will deal with it yourself or you will prefer a professional sink blockage. Clogged kitchen drains are often a complex matter to solve on your own.

If you always have a clogged kitchen drain, it is likely that the real drainage problem has not been identified and addressed. A more experienced technical eye or camera control can detect a deeper blockage.

It often happens that the kitchen sink is clogged and this is to be expected, since, in addition to the daily use of the sink, there end up food waste, fats, etc., which clog the pipes, causing unpleasant odors. Every householder and every housewife has had the sink clogged and start collecting water all of a sudden, without the water level falling.

Use of boiling water: It is good to keep in mind that boiling water helps not only in case of a clogged pipe, as it can peel off anything that blocks the flow, but also at a preventive level, as it does not allow grease to settle and accumulate in the pipes. , thus not creating a long-term problem.

Use of cleaners: In order to deal with the problem immediately, we can use one of the commercial cleaners on the market, such as tuboflo for sewer blockage. After pouring the solution into the sink, pour plenty of hot water and the sink can be used again. However, this method, when repeated often, in addition to harming the environment, also damages the piping, as it can corrode and destroy them. Alternatively, you can use an equally effective cleanser that you will make yourself. Put half a cup of baking soda in the mouth of the clogged tube and pour half a cup of vinegar, leave it to act for about half an hour and pour plenty of hot water.

Using a suction cup to undo: Certainly in most homes there is a suction cup, which although it seems humble is valuable in some cases. Fill the sink halfway with hot water and use the suction cup to place it around the siphon and shake it up and down a few times until you see the water run out, which means that food debris or any obstruction in the pipe has detached and entrained by the flow of water.

Bathroom Sink Drain Blockage

In the bathroom, too, your sink or bathtub can become clogged and not draw in water, and here the cause is soap residues and hairs that clog the pipes, creating this situation.

Use of boiling water: And in the bathroom the use of boiling water can only be beneficial for the pipes of your sewer. Additionally, you can add a cup of salt to the siphon and pour a pint of boiling water and then plenty of hot water that can dissolve the soap residue that has settled on the pipes.

Using wire or steel: To remove the hairs from the piping without much effort, take a wire and bend it at the end with a pair of pliers, making a small hook on the end. Then insert it as deep into the tube as possible and pull it out by shaking it. This will manage to pull out as many hairs as it can find. The exact same and even better result has the normal steel, the wire spiral that is commercially available, and can reach even further into the pipe.

Using a suction cup: If you have a suction cup, you can try to unclog your sink or bathtub by following the same procedure as the sink. That is, fill the sink with hot water, close the overflow with a towel or cloth, apply the rubber suction cup to the hole, working it up and down, with quick and sharp movements. Repeat as many times as needed.

When you have tried all the above ways to block the drain of your sink or sink and bathtub and the problem persists, this means that you should immediately consult a specialist who deals with the blockage of drainage, to prevent its deterioration premissile, so to save and any burden, financial and in time it may mean. The professionals who deal with sewer blockage are the most experts to solve your every question and help you, solving even the most difficult blockage problem for you.

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