‘I Shall Not Be Shaken’: How God Removes Our Greatest Fears

‘I Shall Not Be Shaken’: How God Removes Our Greatest Fears

You make known to me the path of lifestyle in your presence there is fullness of joy at your appropriate hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11)

Serious assurance is in uncommon offer. Actively playing it interesting is 1 matter. It is effortless to straighten your shoulders, arch your back again, adhere out your chest, and talk difficult. But legitimate emotional self-confidence and stability of soul is tricky to find.

And it should really not shock us. Just after all, we are sinners, surrounded by other sinners, in a fallen and fragile globe. How can any of us genuinely expertise the deep peace and pleasure of authentic self esteem in a globe awash with facades of stability?

In Psalm 16, we stroll with King David the small but major route from fear to self-confidence, from instability to protection, from stress to authentic, lasting pleasure. He commences, in distress, with the plea, “Preserve me, O God” (Psalm 16:1). Then, amazingly, by verse 8, he declares with assurance, “I shall not be shaken.”

“There is no safer location to hide than in the arms of the all-powerful God.”

How does such a improve of heart transpire? Theology. Rehearsing who God is for us can renovate anything. Far from detached believed-experiments and philosophical speculations, what we feel about God can be everyday living and loss of life for us right now. It will make all the difference if we, like David, know God to be our responsible Savior, our sovereign Lord, and our best Treasure.

Reputable Savior

First, God saves us from harm by getting each our most secure refuge and our trustworthy counselor. “In you I acquire refuge” (Psalm 16:1). There is no safer location to hide than in the arms of the omnipotent God. “I bless the Lord who presents me counsel” (Psalm 16:7). Not only does he shield from without, but he provides knowledge from within just by the primary of his Spirit.

God is in a position to help save us from the fears that threaten us, not only by intervening to guard us from harm’s way, but also by guiding us out of issues. Being aware of God as our Savior — the two as refuge and counselor — evokes confidence that, arrive what may, we have a resource beyond compare. But he is not only our completely reliable Savior. He is also our sovereign Lord.

Sovereign Lord

David suggests in verse 5, “You hold my lot.” Whether or not we are drawing straws, rolling the dice, or basically searching for our up coming breath, regardless of what comes about to us is from God. He regulations over our lives, not just in the large image, but in all the small aspects.

At initial, it could not seem comforting to uncover he is in manage — when your daily life is hard, for occasion. But if we know ourselves to be God’s, and God to be ours, then this sort of know-how is remarkably stabilizing. It doesn’t indicate that we will not stroll as a result of actions of ache or defeat, but it does imply that we are assured a last victory. It doesn’t signify we acquire every single struggle, but it does suggest that we will most certainly earn the war.

“God principles over our life, not just in the huge picture, but in all the minor details.”

God is not only our trusted Savior and sovereign Lord, although he is also our supreme Treasure. Aspect by facet with David’s declaration in verse 5, “You keep my large amount,” is his assertion “The Lord is my preferred portion and my cup.” And then, immediately immediately after, he claims, “The lines have fallen for me in pleasant sites certainly, I have a gorgeous inheritance” (Psalm 16:6). Rejoicing in the sovereignty of God potential customers into embracing him as the best Treasure.

Best Treasure

In verse 2, David says, “You are my Lord I have no very good apart from you.” God is the best great. He is the fountain of the river of all delight. All other items are really very good only when they are in him. Apart from him, all other excellent items will establish empty in the close.

But doesn’t the future verse threaten David’s deep delight in God? “As for the saints in the land, they are the exceptional types, in whom is all my delight” (Psalm 16:3). How can all his delight be in other people today, and God still be his best treasure?

Be aware that David does not say that he delights in God’s men and women somewhat than in God, but that men and women who reject his God give him no enjoyment. Godless folks, living in godless techniques, do not meet up with with his approval and admiration. He is much too captivated by God not to see the folly in godless living. Due to the fact he enjoys God as his supreme treasure, he also requires delight in these who treasure God as supreme as nicely. His adore for God spills above in really like for individuals who love God. His like for individuals who appreciate God doesn’t contend with his adore for God somewhat, it complements it. These delight in others is an extension and expression of his supreme delight in God.

Genuinely Strong Joy

At last, David closes his track of growing assurance with the high observe. Owning started with the plea for God to maintain him, he finishes in self-assurance and hope. He has moved from stress to awe, from pleading to praising, from bemoaning his troubles to basking in the glory of God.

My heart is happy, and my whole currently being rejoices
     my flesh also dwells protected.
For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol,
     or permit your holy one see corruption.
You make acknowledged to me the route of lifetime
     in your presence there is fullness of pleasure
     at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:9–11)

As firm as David’s self-confidence is, ours can be even additional stable today. Jesus took on our flesh, lived without having blemish, bore our curse on the cross, and God did not abandon his soul to Sheol, the place of the useless. His flesh did not see corruption because God raised him to finish his conquest of the Serpent and rip the doors off the hinges from the inside of. In Jesus’s victory around the grave, we are freed from the finest concern. “Through loss of life he [destroyed] the one particular who has the electricity of demise, that is, the devil, and produce[ed] all these who through concern of death have been issue to lifelong slavery” (Hebrews 2:14–15).

And now, seated at his Father’s proper hand, he is the closing location on the route of existence. He is our fullness of pleasure. In him are pleasures evermore.

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