I Was a Misunderstood Muslim: Common Misconceptions About Islam

I Was a Misunderstood Muslim: Common Misconceptions About Islam

Christians are known as to be witnesses of Christ to the ends of the earth (Functions 1:8). In our working day, the ends of the earth are going into our neighborhoods — at minimum for all those of us in The us and Europe. Muslims are emigrating to our cities in file figures. A lot of of us never want to board a aircraft to consider the gospel to the Muslim earth. We only require to cross the avenue to our neighbor’s dwelling.

Regretably, a lot of Christians are apprehensive about engaging a marriage or even a conversation with Muslims. Some have a misperception that Muslims will not be friendly. Others are gripped with the concern of most likely offending Muslims by committing a cultural faux pas. In essence, lots of are prevail over by the worry of the mysterious. I want to shed gentle on some frequent misconceptions that hinder Christians from achieving out to Muslims with the conserving real truth of Christ.

Misconceptions About Muslims

The most common misconception about Muslims is that they are all radical terrorists crammed with hatred for the West — or at least they are headed in that direction. The assumed is that all Muslims in the long run want to see our modern society destroyed and Islamic sharia legislation instituted throughout the land. While there are movements of radical Islamic terrorists throughout the environment, the huge the vast majority of Muslims are amongst the more hospitable, gracious, and welcoming people today you will meet up with.

Fundamental this misunderstanding is the faulty imagining that the more devout a single will get as a Muslim, the extra radical 1 will become. Some believe that the conclusion of Christian devotion is to market your belongings and give it all to the lousy, whilst the conclude of Muslim devotion is to turn into a jihadist.

“In our working day, the finishes of the earth are shifting into our neighborhoods.”

Even though there are terrorist corporations who have deceived their followers into believing this, the vast the vast majority of Muslims drop into yet another group: the dutiful spiritual Muslim. The expression Islam indicates “submission to Allah,” and Muslim signifies “one who submits to Allah.” Islam is mostly a is effective-dependent faith, and for most Muslims, to be devout is to give oneself wholly to stick to the five pillars of religion and post to Allah.

Misconceptions About Our Calling

Another false impression that we will have to admit has to do with our calling and intent as Christians. It might be superior said as a overlooked identity and mission. This arrived to light-weight all through the modern Syrian refugee disaster, when numerous American Christians mostly have been pondering about border defense and security rather of the opportunity for advancing the kingdom of God. This is not to say that basic safety and security must not be on our minds at all. As a partner and father, I need security and peace in our state. But as an ambassador for Christ, I can’t allow that desire squeeze out or nullify the increased desire to see folks from all nations appear to saving religion in Jesus.

In Acts 20:24, Paul states that his very own life is not more worthwhile to him than the ministry God gave him to testify to the gospel of grace. For us today, partaking our Muslim neighbors in get to witness to the gospel is not even a subject of lifetime and demise. But it may possibly signify sacrificing comfort and ease. I fear that, far too generally, we don’t even want to get out of our convenience zones. I not too long ago read about a neighborhood the place some were upset since an Islamic association desired to build a cemetery in their town. Some ended up versus the initiative mainly because they felt it would lead to a lot more Muslims transferring to their group. As a substitute of celebrating an open doorway to engage Muslims with the gospel, they required to quit it.

The target of Christians is not to protect or extend our temporal comforts, or even our lives, at all costs. The objective of Christians should be instead to devote each individual working day of our lives serving the mission of testifying to all nations.

Muslims’ Misconceptions

It is also critical to be aware that Muslims have a lot of misconceptions about Christianity. Most Muslims never have an understanding of our view of the Trinity, and wrongly assume that Christians worship 3 Gods. The sonship of Jesus is a stumbling block for them simply because lots of mistakenly get it to necessarily mean that God had sexual relations with Mary. Muslims also perspective Christianity generally by the lens of Western culture. In the Muslim entire world, Islam is woven into every fabric of society so that the religion’s worth is reflected in the lifestyle. As a result, some Muslims have a difficult time accepting the claims of Christ since they see the vices in our culture and wrongly attribute them to Christianity.

It is essential to dispel all these misunderstandings, but I want to highlight 1 misunderstanding in unique that demonstrates the worth of partaking your Muslim neighbor. Several Muslims think that the biblical doctrine of justification by grace on your own by faith on your own in Christ alone is absurd. They look at it as a low-priced grace. They think Christianity effectively means stating a prayer to think in Jesus, and then dwelling however you want since you have been forgiven. They check with, “Then why would you reside for God? Why would you do everything for God?” With that dilemma, they confess that they imagine the only purpose somebody would live for God is worry. The motive is to make God’s favor, or else I’m going to go to hell. But what if there is a greater way?

“The objective of Christians is not to maintain or lengthen our comfort, or even our lives, at all charges.”

The Bible is apparent that grace does not direct to freedom to sin, but alternatively to freedom to certainly stay for God (Romans 6:15–18). A real Christian will produce excellent will work, but his fantastic functions will not be a indicates to earning salvation. Relatively, they will be a merchandise of his salvation — or far better set, evidence of his salvation. The Scripture teaches in James that “faith apart from functions is dead” (James 2:26). Christians do not live for God out of anxiety of heading to hell, because we fully grasp that our location in heaven is currently secured by the blood of Christ.

While We Were being But Sinners

Now we can see why it is so important to interact, befriend, and like our Muslim neighbors. The greatest false impression in the Muslim mind relates to the unmerited and sacrificial adore of the genuine God. In Islam, you receive God’s favor as a result of a life of good performs, distributing to the will of Allah. Islam teaches that there will be a working day of judgment when Muslims will encounter a scale that weighs all their superior deeds in opposition to their negative deeds. Whichever a single outweighs the other will figure out whether they go to heaven or hell. But Christianity teaches that God cherished us and sent his Son to die for our sins although we were being yet sinners (Romans 5:8) and just before we did anything at all very good to are worthy of it (Ephesians 2:8–9).

This is the like that Muslims have to have to working experience. And this is the place you come in. We love Muslims by inviting them into our properties for meal. We really like Muslims by inquiring them how we can help them in having assimilated to our group — for case in point, by supporting them set up a lender account, indication up their little ones for college, or regardless of what else it may be. Ahead of a Muslim cares to know what you believe, he typically wishes to know that you treatment. When we like Muslims devoid of in search of something in return, especially when they be expecting us to ostracize them, we make Jesus seen to them and put the gospel on full show (1 John 4:7–12).

After a Muslim

My family members moved again to the States when I was 6 because of the unrest in Iran owing to the revolution. Shortly right after coming to America, the Iranian hostage crisis strike. A team of People were being held hostage in Iran, and it was not quick for my relatives to are living in Houston. Lots of people persecuted us mainly because they realized my relatives was from Iran. I’m so grateful for one particular Christian lady who did not see my family members as a danger, but as an prospect to progress the gospel.

“Before a Muslim cares to know what you believe, he will have to know that you care.”

My Christian tutor cherished me and achieved a genuine need in my lifestyle by teaching me the English language. She did this during a time when other individuals threw bricks through the home windows of our property or threatened to beat up my brother and me. Had any other American given me the New Testomony, I would’ve thrown it away, due to the fact I didn’t believe in a lot of Americans then. But I’m grateful it came from the a person who was demonstrating me the like of Christ in her actions. Considering the fact that it arrived from her, I held on to the New Testament that I would browse decades later on and that would direct me to religion in Christ.

I am eternally blessed that I get to know Christ and be a component of making him recognized. There is no way I would be in this place if it were not for a next-grade tutor who was determined to spend in my existence. I consider there are lots of more Muslims like me in your neighborhood. I pray that you will be obedient to Jesus as he calls you to make investments in the life of a Muslim in your path for the sake of the gospel.

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