Identify a sewer pipe break down

Identify a sewer pipe break down

Identify a sewer pipe break down

You should be ready to identify a sewer pipe break down. As time passes, your residence sewer pipe system is gonna damage and eventually stop working, at least as it should. It is something natural that does not have to do with you and the type of maintenance that you give to it. It the psysical damages that occurs from the use over the periods.

But why does sewer pipes break down? Well, there is a number of different reasong that leads to this phenomenon. They has to do in most cases with the amount of time that the are in use. The longer the sewer pipe system is in uses, the more likely it is that it will need to be repaired. The following are some of the main reasons that our pipes are damaged.

Identify a sewer pipe break down

Rust on sewer pipes

As the periods passes, older pipes are more likely to have rust than newer ones. However, it is very important to replace a rusty sewer pipe, as there are reasons of home hygiene. Rust is dangerous for human health and should definitely be dealt with immediately, by a professional plumber.

Clogged sewer pipes

Have in back of your mind that sewer pipes can become clogged during the periods of usage, something that happens due to objects that passes through them in daily basis. Stuff like hair, grease, oil and numerous other small objects, can harm your sewer pipes. One solution to this is to maintain and remember to clean at short periods the sewer of your home, before the need of a sewer pipe repair arises.

The possibility of ground vibrations

There is a chance that you are going to have problems with repairing a broken sewer pipe in your residence, if the neighboring houses are doing underground work. The vibrations produced by this type of job for various constructions, gives a possibility in disturbing the smooth operation of your systems sewer pipes. The same occasion applies into the case of seismic vibrations in the area of your home.

Problematic construction of sewer system

There is one chance that none of the above problems is responsible for the phenomenon of a cracked or a broken sewer pipe. Sometimes, it is just matter of construction of a sewer system, or septic tank. These could be problematic. That is a reason why you should always call for a professional team that know exactly how to do this job correctly

Knowing that your sewer pipes need repair

You will notice that there are some warning signs, indicating that there is a problem with the sewer pipes of your residence. In case you come across one of them, you should immediately take action and call a professional to repair your home sewer pipe.

Dirty water in the sinks

In case that water comes out of the bathroom or kitchen sinks is not completely clean, then there is a chance to have damaged sewer pipes. The same thing applies if case the water in the bathtub and the cistern is not clean.

Signs of mold and moisture

Maybe you notice signs that indicates moisture on the bathroom walls. Then there is a possibility that there is a leak from the drain pipe. In case there is a leak, then you should know that the sewer pipe will need to be repaired immediately.

Lack of water in the toilet bowl.

Take a llok at the water level of the toilet bowl. If you noticethat it is too low, then you probably have a problem with the drain pipe. It’s a very worrying sign that indicates the need of repairing a  broken pipe.

Clogged siphons after blockage

Noticing that the darinage of the water from the siphons is not so quick, that can be an indication that you need an unblockage in your sewer pipes system. However, in case this problem persists after the unblockage, then there is the possibility of a broken tube.

Unpleasant smell outside the house

One more thing that can indicate a problem is noticing a strange smell outside of your home. When a pipe is broken the dirty water leaks to the outside and also the ungly smell allong with it.

Repair and change of sewer pipes

Nowdays there are a number of modern methods that can help into the repair of these type of problems without digging. These methods can reduce the time and cost required for these tasks and make the job easier.
Our experienced technicians can always check your drainage system by the use of a sewer camera. Thanks to this, they can locate where the pipe is broken. Then, in some cases, they can repair the sewer without digging.


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