The Android One by Google was announced in India


The Android One by Google was announced in India

If you have not heard yet about what Google had on September in India, it is clear that you need to get the information about the Android One. Well, while many were waiting for the IFA to start, Google was actually planning event on September 15. However, even though the press was given the invitation, it seemed that no one could predict what was going on because of the limited information given.

It was all about the Android One

According to the Android Central, it was possible that the event is about the Android One. This is a program developed and designed to assist manufacturers to develop their Android smartphones to deal with the tight market competition. The fact that the event was about to take place in India, many believed that this would be the interesting announcement made by Google.

Actually, that was not the first rumor about the Android One. The reports about Google that worked with Micromax, Spice and Karbonn gave the clue about what was going to happen. The fact also made India where the event was going to take place became reasonable because the three companies are from the country of Bollywood movies.

Unfortunately, that is what we know so far about the event as well as the Android One. It is clear that you need to look for further information about what the program really is. Therefore, it is suggested to keep visiting our website and check our posts in order to update the information you need especially regarding the event and the program. We are committed to always update the information you need by referring to reputable sources for the objectivity of the information.

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