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We are a bunch of people who are driven by a strong faith that the mighty power above us is guiding everyone and making miracles in our lives.


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Our parishioners are some of the greatest people that you will ever across. We can assure you that you will fall in love them the moment you start interacting with them.


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Clinton UMC was started a decade ago with a very few people. Now we are a huge family who are guiding many lives to experience the blessings of the Almighty.


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About our church

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About our church

The most uplifting place you go weekly


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  • ABSTRACT: Luther’s and Calvin’s Catholic contemporaries argued against Reformed doctrine because it disagreed with the teaching of Rome. The Reformers argued, first, that their doctrines agreed with Scripture, but they also appealed to church history. Predestination and the other doctrines of grace were, according to...

  • You make known to me the path of lifestyle in your presence there is fullness of joy at your appropriate hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11) Serious assurance is in uncommon offer. Actively playing it interesting is 1 matter. It is effortless to straighten your...

  • Let’s begin with some comments about the theme of this conference: “Serious Joy: Gladness and Gravity in a Groaning World.” This is a conference about joy — the kind of joy that can be experienced simultaneously with a weighty sense of reverence and respect, and...

  • In theory, sex is easy. You find someone you like, you make sure he likes you too and you decide on your love affair together. In practice, however, things are more complicated than we think. Many times this is related to everything we do before...

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  • The Bible

    The Bible without a doubt is one of the most amazing things about Christianity. Did you know that the Bible is not just one book, but an amalgamation of over sixty-six books? Such texts and scriptures are meant to guide every believer throughout his journey of faith. Amongst these sixty-six books, the initial 39 texts are considered as the Old Testament since it formulates the Bible for Judaism. Judaism is different in its core belief that Christ is not considered the ultimate savior. However, Christians do revere the Old Testament as it mentions the rising of Christ in the next set of texts or the New Testament. The final 27 books formulate the New Testament and are particularly praised by its believers.

    The Four Gospels

    The four gospels are the initial four texts of the New Testament which account the details about the life, death, and resurrection of the savior, Jesus Christ, as narrated by four various individuals. Mathew, a young Jewish tax collector, recounts the timeline of Christ and spreads the savior's prophecies, and was later determined as one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Mark was a young writer who narrates his tales of following Jesus when he was a teen. Luke was a physician who wrote down the accounts and details of eyewitnesses and became a follower post Christ's death. John narrates his details somewhat differently and is known as one of the apostles who ceased to die. Although certain contradiction exists between each tale, all share commonality among the fact that Jesus appeared, died and rose from the dead.

    Churches and denominations

    Records indicate that are over 33,800 denominations of Christianity available, while over 113,000 churches exist in the United States. The five main types of Christian church include Roman Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Anglican.

    Languages of Christianity

    The Old Testament of texts was primarily written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, whereas books of the New Testament were written in Greek.

    The Resurrected Saviour

    Did you know that Christianity is the only religion in the world where its savior has risen from the dead?

    The cost of Christianity

    Not everyone and every nation accept the faiths and principles of Christianity. Often times, Christianity is considered the most persecuted religious belief in the entire world since being a believer and residing in nations such as North Korea, Egypt, Qatar, and Afghanistan can get you abducted and ultimately killed.

    Christianity is followed in Antarctica

    It is quite intriguing to know that the majority of the population follows Christianity and even has several churches established in the nation.  

  • The health benefits associated with dairy products go far beyond maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Consuming enough milk, yogurt and cheese can also be good for heart health, blood pressure and maintaining a healthy weight. Milk, cheese and yogurt are naturally full of important nutrients...

  • Audio Transcript We discuss typically on this podcast about how God will get “more glory” or “most glory” by numerous matters. It is in the Wanting God slogan, of program: “God is most glorified in us when we are most glad in him.” So, we...