3 Reasons why you should rent a car in Santorini


3 Reasons why you should rent a car in Santorini

Santorini is definitely the most popular Cycladic location of unique all-natural appeal, no place to be located around the world. With whitewashed houses crammed on top of the caldera and also volcanic coastlines of deep blue waters, here are 3 reasons why you should rent a car Santorini and why it should remain in your bucket checklist!

Have a look at the magnificent Caldera of Thera

It is clear that Santorini is an active yet luckily dormant volcano. Its most harmful eruption took place in 1627-1600 BC, which resulted into the annihilation of the settlement of Akrotiri. A significant tidal wave brushed up the northern coasts of Crete which according to some scholars represented completion of the Minoan people. The magnitude of the eruption was so extreme that a whole part of the island sunk into the bottom of the sea. That resulted in the today’s peculiar shape of Santorini.

Simply a little part of the centre of the crater is still noticeable in between the island of Thera and the neighbouring island of Therasia. In spite of the devastating occasion, nowadays Santorini and also the results of this fierce event, run as one of the most famous landscapes of the Mediterranean. People continued to inhabit this little piece of land, and after the sequence of the centuries succeeded in changing the landscape to their advancement, creating several of the most stunning traditional island negotiations.

Visit the attractive villages of Oia and Imerovigli with a Santorini car rental

Just 2km far from the funding of the island Fira lies the typical town of Imerovigli. A landscape-protected negotiation with special guidelines worrying structure tasks as well as framework adjustments, the old town of Imerovigli guarantees you an experience like nothing else! Its name stems from the mix of a Greek and a Latin word and also relatively suggests a watchtower. This place was a middle ages castle built by Marco Sanudo after the establishment of the Duchy of the Archipelago in 1207. The nearby enforcing rock of Skaros was the real site of the castle and also according to the middle ages trend, a negotiation manipulated its security and emerged close by.

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Oia lies at the north part of the island. It is among the landscape safeguarded settlements of Santorini as well as its history stretches back to the old times of Thera. It was called Apano Meria which actually implies the upper side of the island in modern Greek. During middle ages it was under the Sanudo occupation much like the rest of the island. However the best economic growth of the negotiation occurred in the 19th century. After that, the shipowners of Oia were sending their ships far away to Alexandria or Russia. As proof to that stands the captain homes that are to be discovered in Oia, examples of Cycladic upper-class design.

Both of these settlements are real “terraces” to the Caldera of Thera, supplying a magnificent sight to the volcano and the open blue Aegean Sea. Do not miss your chance to see them all with Santorini car hire, and also experience the enchanting Aegean sunset.

The historical site of Akrotiri on Santorini island

Go to the prehistoric Aegean Pompeii. At the really southern of the island, lies the prehistoric site of Ancient Thera. Despite the fact that the website is little, its value and magnitude for European history are out of concern. Excavations on the website revealed that the place was lived in even as far back as 4500 BC. The site was continuously populated and also in the 18th century BC, the settlement had actually become a thriving as well as bustling city. Throughout the 17th century, Akrotiri had an useful and also prevalent sewage and also irrigation system, buildings of a few tales high, artisan workshops, public rooms, spiritual centres, exclusive residences of various sizes resolving to different social courses, an innovative judgment system and also innovative art as well as culture. Proof to all that stand the damages of the website.

After the Minoan Eruption, a thick layer of volcanic particles and ash destroyed and covered the ancient site of Akrotiri like Vesuvius did with Pompeii centuries after. The outcome was the conservation of fancy wall surface paintings showing a thriving society, garments and furniture of countless years of ages and also the real preservation of the urban body of the city with high residences revealing the complicated urban plan of the site. The artefacts collected throughout the excavations are simply amazing as a result of their level of conservation yet most significantly because of the representation of the degree of sophistication those individuals had actually already attained during the 17th century BC! With simply a little part of the city excavated, that understands what the future may hold not just for the island of Santorini however, for the whole world also. Waste say goodbye to time, and also as soon as you find yourselves on the island save a day to visit this prehistoric Pompeii.

So, if you are wondering what is all the difficulty regarding the island of Santorini, it is an understatement to say that we just scratched the surface of what this renowned Cycladic island needs to offer. To make your trip more easy rent a car at Santorini port and visit as many places as you desire. Imagining discovering yourselves under the shade of a progressed bougainvillaea and also looking at heaven of the Aegean Sea from your tiny white terrace? Then, Santorini is absolutely the next vacation location for you!

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